Medical Malpractice Defense

Peters & Monyak, LLP is one of the most experienced and active firms in Georgia in defending medical professional liability actions.  The firm has been retained by a number of medical professional liability carriers to defend physicians and other healthcare professionals in malpractice cases, and is regularly hired by both the largest carrier in Georgia and the largest carrier in Alabama.  The firm’s attorneys have represented hundreds of physicians and other practitioners in professional negligence actions and has tried to verdict over 100 cases throughout the state.  We have represented physicians in virtually all medical specialties, and have investigated and cross-examined many hundreds of expert witnesses throughout the United States.  Our attorneys regularly address issues relating to the medical standard of care, medical causation, peer review, medical complications, the sufficiency and admissibility of expert testimony, informed consent, statutes of limitations and repose, tort reform, emergency medicine liability standards, and damages caps.